CM in Mangalore: Houses given to SC/ST families in Ashoknagar.

4:08 PM, Tuesday, August 24th, 2010
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Mangalore: CM Yeddyurappa appears to be obsessed with Congress and JD (S) critisism of his governing style, but he has to get over it, when he comes to Mangalore.

In his present visit on the eve of a Raksha Bandhan (tying safety belts on the arm by sisters to brothers), he informed that the state was passing through power shortage, but his government was buying 500 to 1000 mw of power from other states, or getting it from the grid in view of city expansions, and new housing schemes completed of private and public sectors.

But he wanted to know from state opposition leaders, whether his resignation would solve the power requirements problem. For everything, the Congress and JD (S) talk of ruling party’s resignation when their High Commands had made it clear that they had no plans to overthrow an elected govt. then why the local people in legislature demand his resignation, he asked in Mangalore, which had made an import on him.

He admitted that Mangalore was growing only next to Bangalore in the state at a fast rate, and pronounced Rs 100 crores for its further development, under several social welfare schemes.

Then the gracious CM announced a series of other grants to Mangalore. An amount of Rs.100 crores is kept in next year’s budget for handicapped and mentally weak persons. Children from “Sannidhya” (Shaktinagar) of dormant ability tied the ‘safety belts’ for Raksha Bandhan on CM’s wrist.

5% if grants made to MCC (Rs.100 crores) will be kept reserved for SC/ST development (Rs. 5 crores). 21 houses built, and given to SC/ST families at Urwa Stores (Ashok Nagar) by CM on Aug 23 will be continued as a model for other districts in the state to emulate. Town Councils will get Rs 30 crores as grants soon, 3% of which had to be used for the upliftment of SC/ST as their reserve funds, he added.

In Mangalore, houses built costing Rs 1.50 lakhs each, are qualitative and exemplary to  other SC/ST groups in the state, CM stated. The money meant for SC/ST is raised from 18% to 22% by the state govt.


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