Coastal erosion : KCCI holds discussions on pros and cons, on Wednesday.

4:53 PM, Thursday, July 1st, 2010
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Mangalore : A press meet called by the Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) at its old harbour office on June 30 at 4.30 Pm discussed the feasibility study of coastal erosion in 3 districts of Karnataka where sea waves and torrential rains have begun their plunder.

Dr. Deepthi Thattai made a presentation of the issues involved. She explained that winds were a major force of devastation, followed by sea waves of high tide causing destruction and fear, in a normal Monsoon onset that began late due to cyclonic weather earlier (in May). Human intervention in this tug of war between winds and rainy clouds has added to the misery by seaside / riverside constructions in most vulnerable places, not prone to safety in heavy rains. There are 18 ports and harbours from Ullal to Karwar on the West Coast with several rivers and waterways inside the coastal region, causing trouble by rising levels of water. The boisterous sea waves beat on human dwellings and cause road erosion and uprooting of tall palms/ large trees.

Breakwaters in rage and small dams across small pools cannot withstand attacks of winds or rains, and roads develop pot-holes even in cities, apart from rural areas which are muddy. Erosion is behind 80% of the coastline problems, as upkeep of roads and residences there is poor, Dr. Thattai conveyed in her keynote address. DC. V. Ponnuraj was present on the dais.
Speaking after her, Ponnuraj pointed to illegal and licensed mining activities in the coastal region have brought about erosion of land in many places. Mining cannot be carried on any longer and has to be banned to save the local ecology. Sand mining has been banned but that is not enough, though lorry loads have gone to Kerala for house constructions. He could not understand the logic behind banning sand mining and  leaving out stone mining, illegal and uncontrolled at that.

Sathyanathan, Shrinivas Kamath (KCCI chief) and John P. Monezes (past president) were present. Kamath proposed a vote of thanks.


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