Confusion over Beary Bhavan land, foundation laying ceremony postponed

3:22 PM, Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

Beary BhavanaMangaluru : MLA U T Khader confusing on Beary Bhavan and  Abbakka Bhavan  land said, Beary Academy President Rahim Uchhil.

He also informed that the foundation laying ceremony of Beary Academy Office and Beary Bhavan near Thokkottu which was scheduled to be held on January 1 has been postponed.

Speaking to reporters on December 29, Tuesday, he said the statement of local MLA U T Khader that the Beary Academy’s Sanskritika Bhavan will be constructed on the land earmarked for Abbakka Bhavan with his consent, has caused resentment among admirers of Abbakka who have now opposed the construction.

Rahim Uchhil further said the MLA’s statement has led to confusion, there was no link between the 42 cents land earmarked for Abbakka Bhavan and the land earmarked for Beary Bhavan. He said the Beary Bhavan will be built on a 25 cents land earmarked for the Village Accountant and Surveyors Office nearby and added that the two offices will also be located in the Beary Bhavan building.

He further said some people were expressing displeasure just because the Abbakka Bhavan project has not yet kick-started since ten years. He said the foundation laying ceremony was therefore put off temporarily with the objective of taking everyone into confidence before going ahead. He also said he had information that the Abbakka Samithi along with some local organisations has even planned a silent protest on January 1.

Registrar of the Academy Poornima, Members Roopashree Varkady, Roopesh were present.

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