Congressman’s Ayyengar Bakery damaged by Bajrangi hooligans

8:50 PM, Tuesday, January 25th, 2011
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Ayyengar Bakery damaged Mangalore :  A verbal clash between Ravi of Ullal Bajrang Dal and Santhosh, a Konaje Congress leader about the state Bundh held on Jan 22 led to bitterness, and on Jan 24, an Ayyangar Bakery belonging to the Congress leader was attacked by a gang of 150 Bajrang Dal hooligans. Santhosh had attacked Ravi of Bajrangdal who was hospitalized the same night(Jan.23).
Ayyengar Bakery damaged The Bakery was located as Asaigoli. The angry Bajrangis seeking revenge for injured Ravi were looking out for Santhosh at his house. But the police got wind of the possible assault, and averted a major clash soon.
A criminal case is registerd on groups rivalry at the Konaje police station.
Ayyengar Bakery damaged

Ayyengar Bakery damaged


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