Constitution has played an important role in unification of India: CM Bommai

11:25 PM, Friday, November 26th, 2021

Constitution Day Davangere : Constitution has played an important role in unification of India, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said.

The Chief Minister in his address after reading the preamble of the Constitution as part of the ‘Constitution Day’ celebration lauded Indian constitution as the best in the world. “Our constitution guarantees freedom of speech, religion and expression. It upholds the principles of equality and fraternity. ”

While the Constitution guarantees many rights for its citizens, it is the responsibility of the citizens to discharge their duties for the nation. Anarchy would reign if the citizens ignore their duties. Citizens should be vigilant and responsible to preserve democracy in India, he said.

Ambedkar is the Father of Modern India

Reminding Ambedkar’s contribution in drafting the constitution, Bommai said, he was a great humanist inspired by saint philosophers like Budha and Basava, He incorporated their ideals into the constitution. “Ambedkar is the Father of Modern India as the Conscience of the nation is still alive despite the influences of privatisation, globalisation and liberalisation over the last 75 years. The conscience is alive only because of the strength of our constitution. Ambedkar, who empowered the weakest to raise their voice to assert their right is truly the Father of Modern India,” Bommai said.

Those who had faith in the constitution should adhere to it in letter and spirit. Indian constitution has life as it has provision for amending it in accordance with the needs of the changing times, he said.

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