Corporation Bank unveils new saving bank account ‘saral’ and ‘mansoon bumper offer’ for housing and vehicle loans

6:01 PM, Friday, May 31st, 2013

corporation Bank Mangalore : Ajay Kumar, MD Corporation Bank, launched a new zero balance savings accounts scheme with accident insurance of 5 lakhs for the nominal payment of Rs.50 per year. And he also introduced two other schemes called mansoon bumper offer for housing and vehicle loans. It is a limited period offer starting from  1st June.

Speaking at a press conference held in Corporation bank head office  on the occasion of  ‘Rashtrabasha Pracharan Divas’ a Hindi language promotion in banking, he said that Corporation Bank is in the forfront in popularizing Hindi language in southern states specially in banking sector. The efforts of corporation bank has been praised by Reserve bank of India and Indian government in this regard. Corporation bank is very active in propagation of official language implementation in technical field like computation and automation.

corporation Bank Farther elaborating the importance of Hindi as not only national language but also as the world language, he quoted the recent research findings  that, the largest spoken language ‘mandarin’ has its origin in Hindi. Another interesting aspect he noted about Hindi is that people of non Hindi speaking area are more interested in Hindi language than the traditional Hindi speaking states. He emphasized that Hindi language has got bright future among world languages and soon it will compete with English and other major languages of the world.

At the same time he unveiled 3 new schemes from the bank namely mansoon bumper offer for housing and vehicle loan with attractive interest schemes and new  savings account called ‘saral’ with 0 balance saving accounts covered by 5 lakh accident insurance for the nominal  payment of Rs.50 per year. He is confident that all the 3 schemes will be run away success.   
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corporation Bank

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