Court of Enquiry on Mangalore Air Crash commenced

10:39 AM, Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
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Mangalore : B Neelkanth Gokhale ,  Former Air Marshal conducted the first hearing on the crash at Bajpe old terminal on August 17, Tuesday.
Speaking on the occasion, he said that the ill fated Boeing 737 -800 had plunged into the Karambaru valley after overshooting the 900 meters runway and burst in flames killing 158 passengers. The enquiry will continue on 18 and 19 August.
Air India, Airport Authority of India, Fire department, Air Traffic Control Guild and Officials of different organizations were present before the court of enquiry.
In the statement, the official of the ATC Guild said that the plane had overrun the landing entry to several meters and was positioned in an awkward angle. But the aircraft was successful in maintaining contact with the ATC till it landed.
In justifying the statement, Air India officials said that the aircraft (Boeing 737-800) was one of the most modern aircraft implement a year back. He also said that, both the Pilots were experienced and had landed in Mangalore airport several times before.
Speaking at the media representatives later, Mr. Neelkant said it was too early to conclude the matter and he could give his final report only after conducting two rounds of enquiry at Mangalore as well as Delhi.


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