Court orders to deport six months for 25-yr-old man from Kundapur police station limits

10:01 PM, Tuesday, October 18th, 2022

Kundapur police

Udupi : Court ordered Mohammed Subhan (25), son of Siraj resident near Jamila Mohalla fish market to be deported from the Kundapur police station limits for six months. His presence in the vicinity is restrained as he has been declared a fugitive.

Kundapur sub division magistrate has declared him as a fugitive and restrained his presence in the area for the next six months from October 17, 2022.

He was involved in criminal activities from the age of 20 in the company of his accomplices. He used to fight in public places, steal and illegally transport cattle and indulge in violence since the last five years spoiling public peace.

Legal action was taken against him. Some people were afraid to lodge police complaints against him out of fear. Five cases are registered against him at Gangolli police station.

He used to indulge in criminal activities even after being released on bail. Gangolli police station sub inspector has been directed to arrest him if he is found in Kundapur police sub-division during the next six months without obtaining permission from the authorities.


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