CPI holds a protest Rally at DCO gates on Aug 2: Govt failures counted.

9:50 PM, Monday, August 2nd, 2010
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Mangalore : The Communist Party of India held a protest rally at DCO gates on Monday afternoon, blaming the state government for its failures in public administration in the midst of Iron ore exports and Congress Padayatra to Bellary Activists from DK and Udupi districts joined the Rally in city.
The CPI activists marched from the Central market to DC’s office gates making the 5 demands in a procession that ended in a Rally to protest against govt / administration failures.

General Secretary of CPI, P. Sanjeeva addressing the Rally said that the rulers had no faith in democracy. The corrupt Reddy groups of Ministers were controlling the BJP rule. When most of the parties were in favour of entrusting the mining issue to CBI, BJP alone is bringing a discordant note in this burning issue of the day. The BJP has deceived people to come to power by telling lies. If it had any moral pangs, it should resign immediately he advised.

C. Chandappa Anchan, Jt, Secretary, alleged that the BJP Bandicoots were looting state wealth in crores. People saw the BJP’s true colours now. The so-called MLAs of a corrupt Party should go home immediately, he thundered. The flood relief funds should be distributed early, he added. Leaders of CPI, B. Shekhar, B. Vishwanath Nayak,  Seetharam Berinje and others were present in the meeting.

Five demands were placed before the authorities to fulfil them at the earliest:

1. Entrust the Iron ore Mining issue to CBI for full investigation.
2. Cancel the private mining contracts (licences) and allow PSW to manage the mines wealth.
3. Force the selfish Ministers indulging in Mining wealth to go home
4. Oppose the utter corrupt attitude and disregard shown to the 2009 Floods victims of North Karnataka for whom funds were raised from common people as relief but never distributed or spent.
5. Stamp out misrule by power of speech and arms, shown by leaders in legislature, to adopt their new laws any how.


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