Cricket off spinner Sri Lankan Muthiah Muralidharan sets up an unbeatable record but retires in a blaze of glory.

10:45 PM, Friday, July 23rd, 2010
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Mangalore : He is lucky in many ways. Sri Lanka did not depend upon him for many years as on off spinner, but on fast bowlers, like the famed West Indian teams. But he dug in as the lone Tamilian, in a team of 10 other pucca Lankans and set up records, for instance, he has taken a minimum of 50 wickets against many other (7) nations of world cricket. He bats last.
Presently, he announced his retirement before the Indians went on tour to Lanka, playing 2 tests, with Murali needing 8 wickets to reach an incredible 800, as an off spinner.
He was repeatedly called a ‘chucker’ by Australian modern cricketers, and his suspect action of bowling was attacked and subjected to minute inspection and photographic video tests. He came through every time without a ‘yellow card’ of warning.
In fact the turning of the arm delivery was allowed a 15 degree bend for his twisted bowling right arm. He was so confident of himself that he brushed aside criticisms from white players (batsmen) or umpires, for that matter.
On July 22, he took his 800th victim in the second innings of India in the second Test by catching Pragyan Oza at Galle stadium in his 133rd Test match. He holds double records now, 800 in Tests, and 515 in ODIs (50 overs) against all countries. It is a record unlikely to be surpassed by any bowler in 18 to 20 years hence.
Muralidharan has been playing since 18 years now and he retired on July 22, leaving his mantle to Lasith Malinga, a 24 year old fast bowler. His next best bowler is a leg – spinner, the magical Shane Warne of Australia and the 3rd in line is India’s own Anil Kumble in the range of 700+, and 500+, both have retired.


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