Cricket players, both Muslim come to blows, for a run

1:23 PM, Monday, December 30th, 2013

cricketMoodabidre: Puttige and Jokatte Cricket teams playing in a tournament on Saturday and Sunday came to blows for a matter of one run and fights broke out between players of both teams on the ground. The Moodabidre police rushed to the spot and threw out the players of both the teams and vacated the ground.

A Jokatte player Salim, had brandished a knife and frightened the players of the Puttige team and hit Samshuddin of the Puttige team in the eye. Samshuddin fell down bleeding and there was an outcry from players all around the ground. Samshuddin was rushed to a hospital nearby for treatment of the eye.

A local person informed pressmen to say that the cricket tournament had taken place since many years but the horrible stabbing incident with a knife had never taken place till Sunday.

Salim the attacker holding a knife was chased by a group of organizers and local people but he managed to escape in a bus on the road by showing the same knife to the driver of the bus.

The police are hunting for Salim a cricket player turned attacker and culprit in the case.



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