Crime in the present year have been decreased: Seemanth Kumar Singh

9:07 PM, Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

CPC Seemanth Kumar SinghMangalore : Mangalore City Police Commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh, said that the Commissionerate was established on January 26, 2010 and started functioning from June 6th 2010 onwards.
Speaking after giving the statistics of the number of crime after the analysis, in a press meet held at his office on Dec 29, Wednesday, Singh said that the cases of murder during the year 2008 was 11, 2009 was 32 and in 2010 it was 19. The case of robbery during the year 2008 it was 35, 2009-28 and 2010-23.
CPC Seemanth Kumar SinghHe also said around 4 cases of dacoity was found in the year 2010, while it was 3 in the year 2009. The number of accidents has been constantly decrease compared to previous two years where there was 1064 case in 2008 and 841 cases in 2010. The decrease in this case was seen due to the strict action taken by the traffic police by charging the fine on speed driving as well as drunken driving.
There is increase of death cases in the places like Moodbidri, Mulky and Surathkal. It was around 130 deaths in 2008, 130 again in 2009 and 154 in 2010. The rioting cases in 2008 were 168, 2009-105 and in 2010 – 199 cases. Theft cases in 2008 is 158, 2009- 212 and in 2010 it is 199. The percentage in vehicle theft is more, he added.
He also informed that, the traffic has taken enough measures for Dec 31, 2010.The department has given full instruction to take action against drunken driving. The people can celebrate the New Year but the drunken driving is strictly prohibited, he said. Apart from it, the taxi association also will be informed in this matter since there was around 32 deaths occurred due to drunken driving in the year 2010.
Speaking on the election security measures, he said that there are 299 polling booths in the city in which there are 28 hyper-sensitive, 78 little sensitive and 203 less dangerous polling booths in the district.
A total of 25 striking mobile squads, 3 DCP and 2 ACP will supervise the situation and around 300 police will also be deployed for the election purpose, he said.
Pointing on the Hindu Samajotsav, Singh said that the matter has been discussed with leaders of all the communities in order to maintain peace and order. Around 2,000 outside police will be deployed for the duty apart from the commissionarate office. According to the Hindu Samajotsav organizers, around 50,000 people are expected to participate in the event, he informed.
DCP Muthuraya and R Ramesh were present.

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