Curd-Pots broken in thousands on Thursday (Aug.2) in DK-Udupi No one hurt in Climbs to heights.

8:57 PM, Friday, September 3rd, 2010
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Mangalore/Udupi: Lakhs of devotees enjoyed the sight of breaking thousands of curd pots filled with curds/milk/coloured water/butter/juice etc., on the streets of Mangalore and Udupi on Wednesday night.

Udupi is well known all over the world for its holy temple of Krishna and Madhwacharya’s activities. Mangalore also has a large number of Krishna Temples in Attavara, Kadri, Shaktinagara, Carstreet, Thokkottu and other places where Vitla Pindi and processions of breaking curd pots by “cowherd” boys take place in over 200 areas. Sudden raise do not deter the celebrations which are preceded by Radha Krishna Costume parades of children in many temples.

Udupi in the coastal district, like Kalbadevi in Mumbai, is the only spot for show of Krishna’s boyhood games with cowherd boys. It is a unique show of rejoicing and merriment. But Mangalore has many including ISKCON shows.
Reports of ‘Mosaru – Kudike’ celebrations have come from all over DK dt (such as Kalladka, BC Road, Nelyadi, Uppinangady) besides Udupi dt in Malpe, Karkala, Barkur, Kundapura, Saligrama and small towns. In Mangalore, Kavoor, Ashoknagar, Kottara, Boloor and other places had pot-breaking ceremonies. On Friday (sept.3), there is a public bath-taking ceremony of the “cowherd” boys in coloured waters, with a palanquin being taken on the streets, to the accompaniment of musical sounds and Jaijaikars (victory calls).

Media were busy taking pictures and relaying the scenes to viewers. In Subrahmanya (DK), the palanquin was borne by SI group of Malekudiyas from Mukhya Prana shrine to the main temple, as per a special custom.

In Udupi Lord Vishnu came down from the sky on Guruda (his vehicle) along with Laksmi. His 8 avataras (incarnations) were shown at Rajangana (suditorium) where counstless devotees had assembled. Lakmivara Swamiji districted Prasadam and rupee coins.


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