Curds – Pots breaking ceremony and a Musical Evening in Kadri on Thursday.

4:59 PM, Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Kadri: A procession of “cowherds”, with a palanquin carrying Lord Krishna’s image, started from kadri Temple in the evening at 6pm on Thursday towards the Gopalkrishna Temple on Kambla road via Mallikatta, and went back to kadri Temple amid fanfare, music and fireworks – burning sounds.

The mud pots are hung at intervals on this road on poles reaching 15 feet in height. Pots contain coloured waters and gifts, and “cowherd” gangs climb over one another in 3 to 5 rows upward, to break the pots by hands. The whole scene evokes merriment among viewers, both small and elderly.

There was musical entertainment programme at the Kadri Maidan. Geetha Melodies organised a Star-Nsite Orchestra show, when Curds pots were getting broken a little away. Music started at 8 pm.

Kannada star (hero) Darshan was welcomed at the venue traditionally with trumpets and a song.

Ronald Colaco, Devananda Shetty, Prakash Shetty among others patronized the musical show. Darshana was felicitated on the happy occasion. He gave a show of dialogues from his films to enthrall the crowds.
The organizers presented mementoes to all the guests.

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