DC Shares American Infrastructure at ‘Meet the Press’

2:53 PM, Friday, June 25th, 2010
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D.C.Ponnuraj Speaking in Press Conference

D.C.Ponnuraj Speaking in Press Conference

25.06.10 Mangalore :  The residential colony houses in America must have the compulsory set back 10 meters, unlike in India, said DC V Ponnuraj.
Discussing on the topic like ‘city planning’, ‘solid waste management’ and ‘Road and foot path’ at ‘Meet the Press with DC’ held at press club on June 25, Friday, he said that Mangalore has completely formed with unauthorized lands and buildings.

He also said that, the biggest debate of CDP was that around the existing 60 -70 percent of area can not be reached by fire service vehicle. People must become conscious of their own right.
Sharing his experience of two weeks of structured training held at America, he said that loans are made compulsory in front of every house in America.
Pointing on the solid waste management, he said that the people in America spend 10 dollar per day to collect door to door solid waste, which is equal to Rs 500 in Indian currency per day.
He also said that, there are many recycling bins at every 50 meters for glass items, news papers, mixed papers and others. The throwing of waste bins will be video recorded and if any one dumps all kinds of waste in one bin, the corporation will send the bill with fine for to the house directly.
The strange thing is that the bin does not get filled even if the after one month, because they directly dump in recycling bin.
In America, the Corporation will decide how the MIG Colony will look like because all are codified in the zonal regulation, in order to use fire safety measures, he said.
Each house or commercial outlet must be implemented with cold and hot water wolves or else they do not get completion certificate for the building. The infrastructures made available in America are utilized.
If a system is followed and maintained it’s good for everybody. But if broken, it will be the money spinning racket.

The traffics are also strictly maintained, where the each violation of rule by the rider will add points on license and when it cross 12 points, the license will be cancelled for the term of 5 years.

Harsha, president of Dakshina Kannada District Working Journalists Association, presided. Press Club general secretary P B Harish Rai welcomed and proposed vote of thanks.


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