Deadly-2 is action filled.

9:44 PM, Saturday, August 21st, 2010

Bangalore: It is supposed to be a sequel to ‘Deadly Soma’ made 4 years ago. But it is just in name, or may be a second film. On a hero called Soma.
The narration is fast and full of action. Suhasini leads the cast as a mother and touches emotional heights in a court drama. She could get an award for this role for her speeches in a law court and questions asked that bring no answers.
The hero played by Aditya has dangerous stunts and arresting scenes of running through busy localities in our underwear.
Writer – director Ravi Vastsa’s tight script, for 140 minutes and having 132 scenes, not bore, and should bring a lot of money for the producers, Manjunath and Murthy.
Soma is an innocent cricketer in a state team brought in by a middlemen, whom he kills with a bat, for an amount of loan that was not returned. Soma’s father who lent the money to Soma dies on realising that the loan of Rs. 10 lakhs could not be repaid. Soma joins the underworld.
The money lender turns cruel on losing Rs. 10 lakhs with high rate of interest. He chases Soma in a market area. An encounter with 3 cops finishes Soma and his gang. Soma’s  mother kills one of the 3 cops and goes to prison.
The film has high technical values. Suhasini an court scenes, Aditya in the market in an underwear, Devraj / Ravi Kaale as cops facing prison for false attacks, have given capable performances. Suhasini questions the Judiciary and police. Meghna Mudiyan offers romantic scenes, as a dumb girl. Mathew Rajan photographed the film. A bhajan song in the prison (Hinidi style) thrills.
The film may succeed in secondary cities.

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