Death threats to Sri Ram Sene founder Pramod Mutalik, complaint lodged

8:43 PM, Friday, November 4th, 2022

Pramod Mutalik

Mangaluru : Sri Ram Sene founder Pramod Mutalik has filed a complaint at Hukkeri police station, in Belagavi district of Karnataka, saying that he has received death threats from unknowns persons on November 4.

As per the first information report (FIR), he got five calls on November 3 evening and November 3 morning. He claimed that the callers spoke a dialect of Urdu mixed with Kannada in Mangaluru accent. They accused him of dividing the society on communal lines, spreading hatred against minorities and provoking young people to take part in violent activities against Muslims. They were abusive and threatened to cut me into pieces, he alleged.

“I got calls from five different numbers, but I received only two of the calls. The persons at the other end spoke, but I did not react. I only said ‘you stop speaking’ and cut the calls,’‘ he told the police.

Mr. Mutalik told journalists in Hukkeri that he does not feel threatened by such callers. “This is not the first time that I have got such calls. I get them regularly. I have been threatened like this for over 15 years. I know that barking dogs don’t bite. That is why, I don’t care about such people,” he said. “The police have told me that an investigation will follow. I have faith in the police.”

“If anyone has any reservations about my statements about society, they should express their objections properly, in a legal platform. They should not indulge in such cowardly acts. Whatever I have said about the society all these years is as per the law and as per the Constitution. I have not said anything beyond that. People trying to find fault with me, but instead, they should introspect and try to live a dignified life as per the law and stop attempts to intimidate me,” Mr. Mutalik said.

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