Demolition Drive: Vacating Roadside Stalls in City.

5:27 PM, Monday, June 28th, 2010
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Mangalore : Apart from widening the roads and concretizing them in MCC area, the implementation of a programme of removing the obstructive Roadside Vendors stalls in the city has been going on, under the trained leadership of a young DC, V. Ponnuraj in and around Mangalore, to keep footpaths and roads clear of the market menace, which has spread even to the national highways. The weekly rural bazaar in suburbs has threatened to be an everyday affair, causing inconvenience to passerby, obstruction to vehicular traffic and causing accidents in dense areas of the city and its suburbs. DC Ponnuraj turned his watchful eye on to Pumpwell this Morning (June28) and gave orders to clear the road obstructing Vendors’ stalls with police assistance at Kankanady.

The action to evacuate vending stalls at the Mahaveera circle has started at 9.30 Am by employing modern machinery used for demolishing small targets like wooden-stalls on roadsides. Already 20 such stalls were bumped. The Railways and Health department officials and machinery participated in this removal activity.

The removal of shops and stalls will be carried out at the city Bus stand, Service Bus stand and other such areas all over the city, in due course, said Assistant Revenue officer, Praveen Chandra, in an aside to the campaign, talking to reporters.

The place belongs to the jurisdiction of Kankanady and Kadri police stations, as such the police personnel of the two areas were present during the demolition campaign.

The Vendors had previous notice and the DC had told them on Saturday about the evacuation and demolition of shops on roadside. There was no response from the vendors, but the work began as scheduled. Such activity has taken place near SBI, Lady Goschen Hospital and Kadri Mallikatta.

Circle Inspector Manjunath Shetty and SI of Kankanady took part in the demolition activity.


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