Demonstrating BJP legislators bundled out by Police at Raj Bhavan

6:07 PM, Tuesday, January 25th, 2011
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BJP-legislatorsBangalore: A vociferous protest was raised by BJP legislators meeting outside Raj Bhavan today, leading to the arrest of MLAs and MLCs at the gates.
Earlier they assembled at a hotel near by and started to walk, shouting slogans against the state Governor as “Dhwansraj” and “Kamsraj”.
They were stopped on their strides by barricaded and metal-capped policemen.
The placards carried by BJP trouble makers asked the Governor to go back, which he would not ever. The shouters were herded into police vans and driven away.
The Governor had gone out of his residence even before the MLAs?MLCs in good strength had reached there. The Governor was considered more as a Congress activist than as a constitutional functionary by irate BJP legislators whose demonstrations ended in their unceremonious arrests.


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