Did Gregory get Justice from BJP govt ? NO!

8:00 PM, Monday, July 19th, 2010
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(P.Ramesh Rao)

Mangalore : A barbarous demolition act, carried out by Mangalore DC V. Ponnuraj, through KIADB, even before such seizure of agricultural land of 14 acres and destruction of an ancient (300 years old) ancestral house of a minority (Christian) and self assertive family of Mary Patrao (80) and her 2 sons, could be approved formally by the state govt for one reason or
other, is still crying for socio-economic Justice enshrined in the constitution, but denied by an IAS officer, who refused to talk to Gregory Patrao when the latter conducted a 24 day fasting Dharna from 10Am to 6Pm in front of DC office gates in rainy season with utmost tenacity, has  gone fruitless. The penitent CM sent the Mysore sub-division commissioner Ms Jayanthi for 2 days to Mangalore and Permude. She met all persons who need to be faced at Bala GP area and elsewhere, but she could not persuade Patrao to agree to MRPL expansion or MSEZ extension.
Commissioner Jayanthi failed in her purpose but promised to convey the local sentiments in her report to the state government,
What does Patrao want? His old house on his own land, reconstructed as it was, with his agricultural land intact. The forest that he had raised on a part of his land was destroyed by KIADB officials heartlessly, without any authority, or the regular requirements of re-conversion for industrial purposes by KIADB as approved by the state government.
G. Patrao and his family are still on the land under a blue sky. It is a mini-Singrur of W. Bengal drama that was played out since May 23, two months back. Patrao is still awaiting justice from the govt as a BJP member.
People in DK dt hope he will get it soon out of the demolition  drive of DC V Ponnuraj and KIADB  criminals.


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