District Minister unveils MCF contaminated water cleaning unit at Surathkal on Monday.

9:26 PM, Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
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Mangalore : A contaminated water cleaning unit at MCF built at a cost of Rs. 7.50 crores was unveiled by Ports and D.K minister, Krishna Palemar on Monday (June 28) at Surathkal. In his speech following the ceremony, he said that the govt. would insist upon all large scale industries to have their own purification units for contaminated water accumulated during chemical production as in Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Co Ltd, in Mangalore. He also cautioned against polluting of sea waters by oil stains and chemical refuse, which can kill fish and other marine creatures used as human food. Huge industries can no longer ignore environmental balance that nature provides. Industries have upset weather and monsoon to a large extent in peninsular India as such ecology – friendly industries only can come up on the coastal  areas, he pointed out. MCF director Prabhakar Rao also spoke on the occasion.


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