DK Police Commissioner ensures tight security in city

3:32 PM, Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Commissior Press MeetMangalore : The public of the Dakshina Kannada and Udupi including others must maintain peace in society and avoid spreading rumours, said City Police Commissioner Seemanth Kumar Singh.
Speaking at the press meet held at his office on September 29, Wednesday said that Dakshina Kannada police would make all efforts to ensure peace. The media must cross check the information gained on the matter with the police officials before telecasting or publishing the news in the respective media’s. The media and the public may get the facts from the department by contacting at 100 or 2220800 for more information on any rumours heard.
Hindu and Muslim leaders to respect the verdict of the court, maintain peace, and resolve their differences through respectful dialogue. He added that religious and social leaders have decided to maintain peace and law and order on that day and respect the court’s verdict, irrespective of whether it is in their favor or not and help the district police in this matter.
The liquor shops located in the cities will be closed from today evening (September 29) to October 1, evening. The DK police had also organized a route march of 30 police vehicles within city limits, Ullal, Bajpe, and Suratkal on September 23 and this will continue today in Ullal and Suratkal.
Section 144 has been imposed in city, hence a group consisting of more than five people cannot go together. If seen the police will take preventive action against such situation.
The commissioner also disclosed that, the same team of 1500 KSRP’s, DR officials, Home Guards, and police officers have been deployed to maintain law and order in the following days, which were deployed last week for September 24.
Later to ensure the public on the peace and safety, the Dakshina Kannada Police organized the route march of around 30 police vehicle in the city limit, Bajpe, Ullal and Suratkal.
DCP R Ramesh were present at the press meet.

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