DKCC Chief turns heat on BJP energy crisis and inept rule

3:36 PM, Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Ramanatha RaiMangalore: The DKCC is ever alert in exploiting situations in state, where BJP as the ruling party commits repeated errors, like illicit mining and illegal incomes.

On Monday, DKCC Chief and MLA, B. Ramanath Rai(a former minister), told reporters that DKCC would stage a public protest against frequent local power cuts, and shortage of electric supply in rural/urban areas, owing to Energy minister’s miscalculations all these days, and that this protest rally would be held on October 20 in front of DC’S office, to wake up MESCOM and DK administration at large.

The Congress members would also picket TP offices across the DK district.

Reminding the DVS Gowda  government, that the BJP rulers earlier had only promised a 24-hours supply when coming to power, but failed to keep that promise after getting entrenched in power.

He criticised BJP leaders for finding fault with earlier governments and Centre, for the current shortage in power supply.

He told BJP that it had all time in the world to rectify power problems in a 4-year rule. He joked that BJP still thinks of ex-cm Yeddyurappa as innocent, when all about him is known to the LA special court.

Congress did not justify corruption and where, more nor it would do so. UT. Khader, Mitun Rai and I van D’Souza were present in the meet.

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