Dr. Pandit Puttaraj Gavai passed away at 97.

7:09 PM, Friday, September 17th, 2010
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Gadag:  Bharat Ratna Puttaraj Gavia (97), a Hindustani music Guru died of old age on Friday at this Veereshwara Punyashrama at noon. He suffered Pneumonia fever. He was blind all his life. His uncle Chandrashekhar took him to Panchakshari Gavai to learn music at a young age. Young Puttaiappa (later Puttaraj) became adept in Hindustani and Karnataka music, besides harmonium play.

He earned several titles as a singer. Gavai composed Kannada, Hindi and Hindi songs. He was given a doctorate in 1975 by Karnataka University.
People are rushing to his residence in Gadag Veereshwara Ashram (which he headed in 1944) to have a last look. His body would be interred on Saturday.
Gavai wrote many works in 3 languages and put Gita on Braille for people like him.


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