Drainage materials onto the main road in Kuntikana, due to highway project work.

7:15 PM, Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
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Mangalore: On NH 17 near Kuntikana, road workers had left the road in a dirty condition after digging about 6 weeks ago and damaged the drainage pipe. The drainage waste accumulated in the gutters and overflowed on to the road, placing local residents in an impossible situation of bad smells. They have complained to the authorities.

Two drainage pipes are broken by the workers in Kuntikana junction, allowing refuse or waste materials to flow over the Main road.

There is an Autorickshaw stand and several showrooms nearby. The road leads to AJ Hospital as well. Volvo buses from KSRTC passing through Kuntikana move close to the gutter holes. Even AJ Hospital ambulances have difficulty in crossing this busy place full of drainage waste.

The Bharat Automobile showroom is on that road, but vehicles cannot pass the area easily, the showroom staff stated.

Several complaints issued to the concerned PWD office, have not mended this horrible scene. Local corporators Lancy Lot  Pinto has visited the Kuntikana circle, along with other public leaders but the sorry state of public affairs continues, lamented local resident Gangadhar Suvarna, talking to Mega Media News today.


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