Dwarakish on wrong path to discredit Bharathi and late Vishnuvardhan

9:06 PM, Thursday, July 1st, 2010
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Bangalore : The issue that is facing cinema viewers in Bangalore where more than 6 theatres run 4 shows a day near Majestic area, is whether comedian producer Dwarakish should call his next film as “Vishnuvardhan” with Sudeep in a title role, or if Bharathi should prevent him at any cost from using her late husband’s name to a new film.
Dwarakish is furious about Bharathi’s opposition, saying actor Vishnuvardhan was dear to him and he would definitely make his film as planned. The misunderstanding is over the name of a new film under production and egos are rubbed on wrong sentiments.
What is in a name? so many kids have the same name. a historical king has this name. but Dwarakish did not consult Bharathi beforehand, and she has serious doubts  about his current picture. She says the comedian has dragged her on to the streets for a fancy. All the same, “no 47” had its (muhurta) start in Abbiah Naidu studies today (July 1) no hassles


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