DYFI and SFI members demonstrate against non- distribution of school text books in city.

7:42 PM, Thursday, August 5th, 2010
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DYFI and SFI demonstrate against school text books Mangalore : It is two month since the schools were opened but the eyes of the state govt are still not opened from slumber, as school text books have not been distributed among the local students, said the placards and the local leaders of DYFI and SFI who held a demonstration in front of Panjimogaru School on Wednesday morning. A hundred parents and wards of those students who did not get the school books also joined the noisy demonstrations in city at the school.

In their speeches, the DYFI / SFI leaders called for attention away from Padayatras to Bellary and connected events, to education which is neglected in local schools. They appealed to the education minister V.H. Kageri, to arrange for text books early and not at the end of the terms in a school. They warned the Education deptt, that they will take serious steps to secure the text books in near future, if the department ignored the  innocent rural suburban students.


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