Eminent writer Sara Aboobakkar passes away

6:09 PM, Tuesday, January 10th, 2023

SaRa Aboobakkar

Mangaluru : Eminent writer Sara Aboobakkar passed away after age-related illness at a private hospital in Mangaluru on Tuesday. She was 87.

Born in a village on the banks of Chandragiri river in Kasaragod district of Kerala on June 30, 1936, Sara was a recipient of several awards. Daughter of advocate P Ahmed and Zainabi, Sara had completed her schooling in Kasaragod.

She was an inspiration for all activists who fight for equality and empowerment of women. She was inspired by the writings of noted Malayalam writer Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. Her first novel “Chandragiriya Theeradalli” was well-appraised by the literary world. She has written nearly 10 novels, six anthologies of short stories, five dramas for radio, and several other literary works including travelogues. She fought for the education of women.

Sara wrote Sahana, Vajragalu, Kadanavirama, Suliyalli Sikkavaru, Paravaha Suli, Tala Odeda Doni, Panjara, Ilijaru, Kanike etc novels. She has written compilation of stories like Chappaligalu, Payana and other stories, Ardharathriyalli Huttida Koosu and Khedda. Her radio dramas include Kamarida Kanasu, Magalu Huttidalu, Theladuva Modagalu, Thala and Heegu Ondu Baduku. Lekana Guccha, Manomi, Bale, Naninnu Nidrisuve are her translations. She has also written a travelogue named Aisharamadalli.

She was honoured with several awards including the one from the Karnataka Sahitya Academy and Karnataka Rajyotsava Award. She was also honoured with the Nadoja Award of the Kannada University, Hampi.

Family sources said that funeral of Sara will be held at Zeenath Baksh mosque at Bunder at 8 pm on Tuesday.

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