Fear of Dengue in Kasargod: a lad lost life

9:45 AM, Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

AkshathaKasargod: As the rainfall is getting intensified in the locality of Kasargod Dengue is spreading widely in some of the areas. A youth died due to Dengue and many are admitted in hospital.

The deceased youth is identified as Vasanth Naik (26) of Bandhadka, Illatthungal.

He was addmitted in a privatr hospital at Mangaluru due to Dengue a week ago. As the medicine didn’t work for him he lost his life.

At the same time nearly 8 people are suffering from Dengue at Kakkechal, Illathungal, Manimale area. All are admitted to the hospital and Dengue is confirmed.

The cases of Dengue are increasing sharply in Kasargod. Some of the patient’s have admitted in private and some are admitted to the private hospitals.

Teacher died:
In a separate incident a teacher working in Shree bharati Vidhyapeeta died on July 2 due to malfunctioning of brain. She was on treatment from past one month for the same.

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