Fifa Quarter Final (8) line – up

8:52 PM, Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
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Ghana, Netherlands, Brazil and Germany have reached the quarter finals of Fifa 2010 world cup soccer Tournament is South Africa today. With the weeding out of champion teams like Italy, England, and Portugal from Europe, America, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Korea (both south and North) Algeria, Cameroon (N. Africa), the world cup is thrown open to any country that enters the last 8. South American giants, Argentina and Brazil teams continue to be favourite teams. But the prediction of Dutch maestro in football, Johann Cryuff, that Chile will win has been presently falsified by Brazil at the last 16 stage. Holland itself (Cryuff’s home country) is in the last 8. Mexico has bowed out against Argentina. When it comes to semi finals (last 4) two South American Teams, One European and one African Team, or a Variation (Germany and another European team) may survive, the game surveyors say.


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