Fifa world cup 2010 in a boom

10:24 PM, Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
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The South African Soccer World Cup Tournament of 2010 is booming in its last 8 as it marches towards an incredible final game on July 11 at midnight (IST). The last 4 are getting drawn up in a suspenseful way. Gone are the star players and their strong coaches. There were 4 South American teams in the last 8, now just Uruguay (now in last 4) remain. Paraguay clashes with Spain, the current European champions. Spain may win. There are 3 European, with one S. American. (What a contrast !), team in the last 4 as on Sunday (July 4). Other than Spain, Holland (Netherlands or Dutch) and Germany are in the draws to take football to a higher level, sans yellow cards, hand – balls, self – goals, corner & penalty shoot – outs, and red cards that kill a player’s reputation!
More dash, drive, passes; cunning ways of reaching the opposition goal line and long kicks capable of hitting the goal bars on 3 sides to rebound may be on display from this week.
Whoever wins, it will not be an anti-climax, as all the stars have been thrown out by July 5.


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