Fifa world cup 2010 Tournament in Last 8 stage

9:35 PM, Friday, July 2nd, 2010
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Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay teams from South America, Spain – Netherlands – Germany from Europe, Ghana from Africa, these constitute the quarter final or last 8 stage of World Football Cup Tournament now conducted in South Africa in 3 or 4 cities.
24 teams have gone home, sad and heart – broken, their fans angry and ready to revolt in the last three weeks of intense football that was full of yellow cards for warning, red cards for exit, and simply defeat for final exit to return home for players.
European champion teams Italy, France and Portugal (even Greece) were crushed. The centure history has been re-written on heroes and highly paid professional stars (who did nothing) and the new shining young strikers of goals.
The line-up now is Argentina Vs Germany, in which an Octopus named Paul in Germany that makes predictions has dumped Argentina in favour of Germany in quarter-finals, while hitting the targets in earlier pick-ups. Ghana faces Uruguay, Brazil will fight with Netherlands (Dutch) and Paraguay has to beat Spain to enter semi-finals. Bets are heavily laid.
The 4 South American teams are on high track to make an all – S. American final in the next 10 days. There is more nervousness than self – confidence among top players in each team in spite of rigorous training given by foreign coaches in some cases. The training never let up France, Portugal, England and S. Africa or America which fell by the wayside, when last 16 finals concluded. Coaches and star players were thrown out.
Brazil still remains the favorite, with Germany as its rival in a classic final in July.


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