Financer cheated with photocopied Rs 2000 note at Vitla

7:16 PM, Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

2000 note Vitla: Photocopied notes of Rs 2000 denomination have been adding to peoples woes as many cases of duping are starting to crop up.

The latest victim happened to be a manual labourer who has alleged that he had been given the counterfeit notes by a finance company here.

Krishnappa from Punacha village on Monday approached a finance company at Vitla to availed a loan by pledging his gold ring. He was handed five notes of Rs.2000 denomination.

However later when he visited a MSIL shop at Vitla to buy some liquor he was told that the note was a photocopied one.

Krishnappa went back to the finance company to get the notes exchanged but they too refused to accept the note they gave by saying that they had collected the same from the bank and thus any the possibility of giving fake notes was ruled out.

Krisnappa lodged a complaint at Vitla police station and police are investigating the case.

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