Fire in apartment : 30 people trapped inside

2:47 PM, Thursday, January 5th, 2023

Bajpe Fire
Mangaluru : As many as 30 people who were trapped inside an apartment building that caught fire on January 4, Wednesday night were rescued by locals with the help of Apathbandhava Rafiq of Gurupur. The building was located opposite Kandavar Gram Panchayat Office at Bajpe.

At around 9.45 pm smoke was noticed in the basement and in no time smoke filled the entire building. Residents of flats screamed for help and locals with the help of Rafiq managed to rescue all 30 people in the apartment.

An electric short circuit is suspected to be the cause of the fire. The rescuers used mobile torches during the rescue operation. The building has 21 flats but only six flats were occupied when the fire mishap occurred

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