Firemen shocked to discover their colleague’s body in Gujjarakere lake

6:05 PM, Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

A body was discovered at Gujjrakere

A body was discovered at Gujjrakere

Mangalore : The drowned man’s body was discovered at Gujjrakere on Tuesday, June 22.

When the Fire servicemen tried to search the body for several hours on Monday, they stopped their search action after the sunset and waited for the body to come to up by itself.

As soon as the fire service man got the information of body been found floating in the lake at around 12:00 pm, they rushed to the spot.

But the incident, turned to be in the state of shock for the Fire Service personnel, when they identified that the body discovered in the lake was one of their colleagues.

The case has been registered at the Pandeshwar police station. The official said that the dead has been identified as Ravindra Moolya (27), resident of Karkala, who was working as a fireman in Pandeshwar Fire Department from past one year and has not reported for duty on Sunday night.

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