Five Shops looted at Suratkal at one night

8:20 PM, Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Surathkal RoberyMangalore : As many as five shops were looted in a single night near Surathkal on August 21, Sunday.

The thieves had looted a jewellery shop, two mobile shops and two cloth stores.

The thieves had escaped with 500 grams of gold excluding the silver ornaments from a jewellery store located at Krishnapura Road in Suratkal.

The number of mobile phones from the Mobile shop located on the Market Road and clothes from 2 clothes shops were also stolen.

The police believe the thieves may have looted the shops in the wee hours of Sunday August 21 at around 3 am.

The thefts came to light only on Sunday morning at around 7 am, when people observed the shop lock wwas broken.

Surathkal SI, police officers, fingerprint experts, and a dog squad visited on the spot for investigation

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