Gas cylinder catches fire at school, staff averted Major mishap

10:07 PM, Monday, October 25th, 2021

gas-cylinderKadaba : A leakage in a cooking gas cylinder caused a fire on Monday at the Government Higher Primary School at Noojibalthila in Kadaba taluk.

The quick actions of those present in dousing the flames averted a major mishap.

The incident happened on Monday morning when the staff began preparing the mid-day meals for the children. Leakage was observed from the pipe of the gas cylinder that soon caught fire.

Grama Panchayat personnel Dhanraj, Jayaprakash Shantiguri, and Prasad Jalu used a fire extinguisher from an open window and extinguished the fire quickly. No major damage has been reported so far.

The police arrived the spot for further inspection.


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