Gavali in Udupi points a new stone Age-site: Several stone weapons discovered.

10:42 PM, Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Udupi : Gavali, a rural area in Kundapur Taluk in Udupi district has uncovered a Stone Age Site and several new stone weapons. Historic Researcher late Vasanth Shetty had earlier found stone pictures of animals. To its north on a small hill, a triangular Dolerite stone weapon of new Stone Age has been found now, said Prof, T. Murugeshi of Archaeology in Shirva MSRS College on Monday. A broken was found on the inclined slope of a field, he stated.
The find falsifies earlier belief that there were no pre-historic activists in what is Udupi and North Kanara regions now. There is a new Stone Age site above sea level at 250 feet and Dr. A. Sunder who fixed their period at 800-600 BCE. The drawings belong to a large stone Age of 2500 years ago, and it is 2000-1500 BCE when the stone weapons were made by people living then,
According to a research team of several colleges headed by Prof, Murugeshi, who issued the Press note.

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