Good Food ensures Health, as Wealth

9:09 PM, Thursday, August 19th, 2010
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You cannot eat anything that is offered to you. Recently a hundred inmates fell sick in a Beggars’ home in Bangalore after eating ‘Bisi Bele Bhath’ given by a charity donor. They had been food – poisoned, and doctors whom they met later ignored them. They went away vomiting and suffering pains.
Good food does not mean costly food, only Jalebis or Halwas. Cheaper green fresh leaves of eatable plants and vines can feed you well with spices and tastes as in curries. A balanced food, a lunch or a dinner, is best to keep your health. It has to be nutritious and agreeable.
Whether South Indian, North Indian, Moghlai, Chinese, continental, Japanese, it has to agree with your system and leave a pleasant feeling during digestion. You cannot rush for medicines and curatives after a dinner.
The South Indian thali (plate) meal is regarded as the best by scientists who analyzed every type of food, and asked eaters to end it with deserts (fruits, ice-creams, payasam and dry fruits or nuts). Regular intake of food saves dieting to maintain the body.


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