Governor must pass Anti Cow Slaughter Bill: MLA

5:20 PM, Saturday, September 4th, 2010
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Mangalore: The governor must pass the Anti cow slaughter bill at the state to give justice to the Hindu religion, said MLA Yogesh Bhat.

He was speaking a the protest organized by Bharathiya Janatha Party against cow slaughter and separation of Kashmir from India held in front of DC Office on September 4, Saturday. He also said that, this struggle will continue till they receive justice.

MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, said that Jinnah is trying to join Kashmir to Pakistan and they are succeeding in their deeds. The Pakistan should not hoist another flag.
The national leader like Shyam Prakash Mukherjee fought hard for the country; hence Pakistan is still a part of India. Though India is Hindu country, the day has come where the Hindus have to beg others to fulfill the demands of Hindus, he said.

Presiding over the protest, BJP District president Padmanabha Kottary, said that the cows which are worshipped by Hindus and it must be safeguarded. If the Governor doesn’t pass the bill, then it will be a shameful act.
The BJP is now waiting for governor’s assent and President’s approval for the bill to be passed, he informed.

Former district president of BJP Monappa Bhandary, said that the congress just for the sake of vote are ready to sell their family.

Criticizing the statement Deve Gowda, he said that, Gowda opined that cow after becoming old is of no use so they must be chopped and eaten. In turn Mr Bhandary asked whether Deve gowda has chopped and eaten his own parents when they were old.

The ruling BJP leaders and activists at the rally held near DCO gates also heard BJP DK unit chief and ex-MLA Padmanabha Kottari. He dwelt on cattle wealth and its usefulness to rural folks. He deprecated the tendency of Congress and JD(S) for a separate opportunity, when contests take place in all 5 talks on equal opportunities for all. On Kashmir’s autonomy, he said Hindus and BJP are ready to lay down their lives in Kashmir against its autonomy for a Muslism Majority Kashmir valley only, is dangerous, Kottari said.

Mayor Rajani Dugganna, Srikar Prabhu, BJP Minorities president Franklin Montiero, Sharathchandra Shetty, Chandrahas Ullal, Rukmayya Naik, Pulasya Rai, Nagraj Shetty and Dr Bharath Shetty were present.
A memorandum was submitted to Additional DC Prabhakar Sharma to be forwarded to the governor in Bangalore for hi attention.


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