GP bye-elections : Setback for Congress

3:36 PM, Thursday, August 8th, 2013

gp ellectionUllal :  The Congress has suffered a major setback with the defeat of the Congress backed candidates  in  bye elections held for three out of the four  seats which it was holding, out if the total five seats  in five GPs of Mangalore assembly constituency limits.

The Congress  has been able to retain only Boliyar though its members were earlier in power in Harkeala Belama and Someshwar apart from  Boliyar, As for the rest the JD(S) backed candidate has won in Konaje.

Results : Boliyar’s Jaradagudde Ward-Congress supported candidate Kamala R(588).  Kumpala ward in Someshwara ( BjP supported Shalini (520), Belma –JD(S) backed candidate Ismail (250). Asaigoli in Konaje : JD(S) supported candidate Reshma (478).

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