Green Revolution Planned in Monsoon.

4:07 PM, Sunday, June 20th, 2010
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Vijay Kumar, DCF Mangalore

Vijay Kumar, DCF Mangalore

16.06.10 Mangalore : A press meet was arranged in the office of deputy conservators of Forests on Wednesday, June 16 in the afternoon. Vijay Kumar, DCF, explained that while many development works are taking place in the state and here, several trees and plants had to be destroyed or cut down to make way for roads, drainage, housing etc. This demolition has created sea change in atmosphere and heat is rising in cities. To make amends and to control damage in the nature around US, we must resort to plant new saplings and trees to maintain the normal temperature.

He revealed that a plan to plant 20,000 or more saplings/trees is on the anvil, primarily trees like Mahogany and Devadaru, Hole Dasavala. Badami, Singapore Cherries, Sampige, Cascia, Muthuga and such other young trees of quality for shade, timber and fruits or flowers. Places have been pinpointed for planting about 6,000 saplings already. All households and citizens should care for this green revolution proposed to be carried out in the districts. The Saplings will be distributed free of cost and even the planting work will be undertaken by the Forest department, he added.
The DCF admitted to cutting around 265 trees for PWD road works. At that time, for every tree cut, two Saplings were grown, he said earnestly. The present Saplings / plants distribution plan will be implemented from Thursday (June 17) itself, beginning with Padil, which has an agro station.
Three varieties of trees, tall, medium and short size, will be taken up for planting according to the areas suited for them on plains,  hills and valleys, Vijay Kumar stated. Several types of Saplings are available with the nurseries of the Forest dept, he informed.


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