Gregory Patrao surrenders to MSEZ and DK minister

3:36 PM, Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Gregory Patrao surrenders to MSEZMangalore: What a fall, dear countrymen! Wrote William Shakespeare in his play. It applies to Gregory Patrao, who after a valiant, single minded fight for 3 weeks against KIADB which demolished his 300 years old ancestral mansion overnight, and against MRPL which wanted its industrial expansion on his agricultural lands, has surrendered sheepishly to the MSEZ authorities and agreed to accept an alternative land portion only yesterday, after a daylong conciliatory proceedings, with 3 concerned authorities, to give up his original and in Mangalore Taluk. He is a GP Member at Kalavaru village, but no longer a landlord.
Patrao did not go by the advice of his ex-admirers, supporters and friends, when he met MSEZ and other authorities on Feb 14 for a whole day discussion. The talks and fights have ended for Gregory as a hero, with his zero position of a beggar who cannot be chooser. DK minister Palemar told yesterday to all who wanted to hear him, that Patrao had been won over to lose his land and livestock if any for an alternative offer.
The direct negotiations started at 11-30 AM on Valentine’s Day, when Gregory’s family members, DK administration, MSEZ,. KIADB and DK minister KP were present. Palemar who briefed the Press in the evening (on the eve of Id-e-Milad) stated that a higher compensation for land sale and a job for one member of Patrao family had been agreed upon. These demands of Gregory were legal Palemar explained.
The (MRPL) company would also provide 2 acres of land demanded by Patrao in Kalavaru village, but only 31 cents are presently available, the minister informed, and the problem would be solved amicably soon, he added.
The question of proper compensation is left open, depending on available agricultural land of 2 acres around Kalavaru village. But Gregory Patrao cannot fight again, as the wind is taken out of his sails. Will 31 cents be sufficient, Gregory?

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