HDK in Dharmasthal with wife, but blames CM for ills

1:25 PM, Saturday, January 29th, 2011
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HD Kumaraswamy and wife AnitaUjire(Belthangady): JD-S state unit president and MP, H.D.Kumaraswamy accompanied by his wife Anitha, on a visit to Dharmasthala Kshetra to worship God Manjunatha at the temple on Friday, met the reporters. Responding to CM’s complaint against him, made to Lokayukta, HDK asked the CM to place before the public all the truth relating to the case put before the Lokayukta. He condemned national BJP leaders for corrupt CM in Karnataka. He added that JD-S would organise a state-wide awareness campaign against the corrupt government for violating laws of land. The people must know that the BJP government was trying to cover up several shady deals and misdeeds of CM, HDK ranted.
He felt that the Somashekhar and Padmaraj commission were taking their own sweet time to collect materials and report on corruption and nepotism practiced by CM.
These commissions ultimately will find nothing wrong with CM and his corrupt activities in the name of good governance.
HDK had enough evidential material to prove CM’s crimes against the state and people. The more they (BJP) conceal his weaknesses, the stink will go up more, to confuse people, and a proper time would deliver the answers to all questions raised so far, HDK spelled out.
Although HDK himself was visiting temples, he did not want to do so, but to take  up useful social service undertakings.


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