Heavy rains and strong winds lash DK – Udupi and the west coast in general.

9:52 PM, Friday, July 23rd, 2010
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Mangalore : Reports of incessant heavy rains and fast winds have been received from southern west coast of Karnataka.
Ghat areas of Subrahmanya, Sampaje and Sullia have been lashed by continuous rains, spoiling many rural roads and inundating them.
Udupi, Katpady and Kundapur in the new district on West Coast received profuse rainfalls and several roofs were blown away, mud walls fell, palm trees fell on houses and cattle sheds. The rains will not stop for another 24 hours.
Mangalore had bright sunshine for a couple of hours on July 23 afternoon but this is exceptional and dark clouds soon take over the gleaming skies to pour more rains.
Agumbe in the interiors of Malnad had extensive rains in hilly areas. While Agumbe had the highest 12cm rains, Kota had 11cm, Udupi and Shirali had 10cm, Gersoppa (Jog), Kundapur and Chincholi (Belgaum) had 9 cm of rainfall. In Kulai, a hill had developed cracks to cause erosion near the rail tracks. Trains are moving slowly, fearing hillside mud slabs falling on the tracks. A road near Kodikere railway bridge has broken up.
Konkan Railway officials have rushed to the dangerous spots, to guide protective action. Mayor Rajani Dugganna also visited the area to provide help from Municipal Corporation officials, at Surathkal and Kulai. Local people are on the watch.


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