Heavy rains in twin districts claims four lives

11:17 AM, Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

heavy-rainMangaluru: Coastal Karnataka experienced an unexpected heavy downpour coupled with lightning and strong wind between Monday and Tuesday evening has left behind a trail of deaths and devastation. It will take weeks for the ill-prepared district administration to take stock of the situation and take remedial measures.

Many houses have been damaged due to lightning, rain and wind and some other houses have become islands surrounded by water.

The incessant rain, with causing damage has also claimed lives. Mohini (60) was buried alive after a mound of earth caved in on the rear side of her home at Udayanagara near KPT. Mukta Bai (80) from Kodialbail in the city lost her life after falling into water. She was bed-ridden, but the rainwater inundating her house forced her to evacuate and as she tried to get off he cot she lost her balance and drowned. A member of Bailoor gram panchayat (GP) in Karkala, died due to lightning.

A girl student returning from school was washed away by water overflowing in a stream. Another student who was also getting washed away was rescued by the locals on Tuesday May 29th.

Nidhi (9), a fourth standard student of Ganapati School at Padubidri, was washed away by flood water when she was crossing a minor bridge over Patla stream near her home. The stream was overflowing onto the road due to the torrential rains. The two sisters who were together returning from school were pulled away by the force of water.

The locals attempted to rescue the sisters but could save only Nisha. Nidhi was instantly pulled out of sight by the water force and drowned. Padubidri police visited the spot and undertook operation to find out the girl from the stream with the help of experts but failed. Nidhi was the daughter of Umesh Acharya and Asha couple from Patla.

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