High waves and three in a boat – missing

10:09 PM, Monday, August 16th, 2010
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Mangalore: At Kotepura in Ullal area, three Tamil fishermen in a country boat went missing, and another person rescued himself when the fishing boat overturned in rough seas.
Mahalasa , the boat had 4 men returning to shore after a fishing expedition lasting for 2 days. Heavy tides greeted them. On high seas. The boat could not enter the shore on Saturday, after catching fish loads. The boat was caught in a whirlpool at sea on Sunday. Anand saved himself in the rousing waves, by hitting the shore, but the other 3, all Tamilians in their thirties, were swept away when the boat drowned.
Local divers (life-savers) and Ullal police are still searching for the missing trice since 2 days now.


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