Hindu Jana Jagruthi staged protest against centralization of temples

4:56 PM, Monday, July 19th, 2010
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Mangalore : The countries politicians are taking the Hindu temple by centralizing it and interfering in the religious matter, said Mohan Gowda, spokesperson, Hindu Jana Jagruthi Samiti.

He was speaking at the protest held by Hindu Jana Jagruthi Samiti against the centralization of temples. He also said that, the corruption in central government is rising by interfering the in the temple issue. The government department is misusing the temple funds and apart from it, the government is appointing officials as the administrators, who do not have respect towards Hindu temples and gods, he added.

Ramesh Nayak, said that the government is using temple money for governmental schemes, without giving it the welfare of the temple without protecting the Hindu religion. The government by changing most of the temples into tourism spots, damage the purity of the temple.

They are selling the temple property to private people. The government is not interested in temple development but only interested in its fund. Hence most the temple after being centralized is destroying, he said.

Shivanand Prabhu of Hindu Jana Jagruthi and other members were also present.


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