Hindu Yuva Sena Ganesh Idol (18th year) at Nehru Maidan given affectionate farewell.

2:30 PM, Saturday, September 18th, 2010

Mangalore: The attractive, large, decorated with flowers in plenty and appealing public worship idol of Ganapathy was given a fond farewell on Friday at 7 pm after seven days of regular worship, embellished by cultural activities on stage.

The majestic final procession  left Nehru Maidan amidst chande drumbeats, jai-jaikars, tableaus of colour and attraction in coloured lights, bands of music (Nasik), several instrumental forms of music and dancers, to wind its way through Hampankatta, Kodialbail, Dongerkery, Carstreet on way to Mahamayee tank, with crowds chanting “jai Ganesh”, “Ganapthy Bappa Morya” and so on, for last immersion around midnight. Fireworks and crackers were on full play.

There were no rainss to disturb this gallant procession of a God known as Vighna-Raja. No obstacles for him. Thousands of devotees naturally joined the grand show till late hours of night. It had rained on earlier nights but not yesterday.

Committee heads Bhaskerchandra Shetty and Shashikant Nagvekar, secretary Ramachandra Chowta, Hindu Yuva Sena chief Yashodhar Chowta, Secretary Nagesh Bajilkeri, Janardhan Arkula, Padmanabha Navoor, Mohan Padil, Dinaker Shetty, Dharmendra and other office bearers were at hand to assist the 18th Shobha Yatra other in the history of local Hindu Yuva Sena which has succeeded in uniting the Hindu public during a week of  religious and emotional fervor, climaxed by Tableaus from Mahabharatha and historical legends on Friday night (Sept.17).

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