Hindutva Leaders apologize for the shameful act at Mariyamma Temple

10:20 PM, Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010
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M B Puranik, VHP leader Addressing in a press conference

M B Puranik, VHP leader Addressing in a press conference

23.06.10 Mangalore : The Leaders of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad, publicly apologized for the shameful act of the Bhajarangdal activist, for forcibly entered the premises of Urwa Mariamma temple, in a press meet held on June 23, Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference, M B Puranik, VHP leader said that the Hindu outfits apologize for the quarrel by the activists with the temple trustees and for threatening them.

He also clarified that the Hindu outfits are not against the Mariamma temple authorities, who belong to Mogaveer community, since they are also part of the Hindu society. The organizations are not ready to go against the community, who play a major role in Hindu activities, he said.

There are hundreds of Mogaveer community activists in Bajrang Dal and VHP, he pointed out.

The intention of Hindutva activists, who forcefully entered the temple, was not to go against the authorities, but they wanted to protect the interest of Hindu society, he said. The activists were unaware of the fact, that the ‘Naga stone’ – situated at the temple premises, had been taken to Kudupu temple, he added.

He said that the aim of activists is to protect the interests of Hindu religion, Hindu culture, sacred lands and places of worship of the Hindus.

Bajrang Dal leader, Sharan Pumpwell  and Shivanada Mendon and other activists were present in the press meet.


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